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Y u r i y u r i.au

is a multi award winning producer, screen and stage composer and writer who has worked on

over twenty feature films

hundreds of television programmes (inc content creation and development)

and written eight musicals

​​Screen: yuri.film

Currently In development:

On Top of the World ontopoftheworld.com.au

Illuminati Lizards from Outer Space illuminatimusical.com

Film: Love the Beast (Eric Bana), Take Away (Rose Byrne), You and Your Stupid Mate (Nathan Philips),

The Mao Game (Kirsty Alley and Piper Laurie), Little Oberon (Sigrid Thornton) and Halifax f.p.(Essie Davis).

Animation: Dogstar (Disney), The Flaming Thongs, Lil’ Larrikins, Animalia (Emmy Award) and Never Mind the he Gumwalds (Disney).

Television: Utopia, Mad as Hell, Newstopia and Your Generation (Shaun Micallef), The Art of Australia (BBC/ABC)

Big Girls Blouse (Kath and Kim), the AFI Awards (Hugh Jackman), Agony Uncles and Aunts,

Sit Down Shut Up, Hamish and Andy, Letters and Numbers, Big Bite (Chris Lillie), Fast Forward (Magda Szubanski), Full Frontal

and Comedy Company.

Musical Theater: yuri.theater

Illuminati Lizards from Outer Space (with Paul Western-Pittard) had an Off Broadway run in 2019 and opened the NYMF festival

Margaret Fulton: I Sang for My Supper (with Doug McLeod) is currently touring Australia and has had over a hundred performances

Cyclone Tracy yuri.com.au/mailbu

My Voice myvoicemusical.com

Cruising Broadway cruisingbroadway.com

Surfers (with Ian McFadyen) yuri.com.au/surfers

Bondi High (with Brendan Luno and Jud Field) had a ticketed public read at Bondi Pavilion (Sydney 2019) yuri.com.au/bondi

Special K and Main Man Yuri is a 90s RAVE featuring the legendary Ukrainian Australian rap duo yuri.com.au/skmmy

Production: kinesound.com

As a score supervisor and music producer Yuri has worked on many international movies and events including: It Runs in the Family (Michael and Kirk Douglas), Empire Falls (Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Newman), Shiner (Michael Caine), the Sydney ​Olympics Opening Ceremony and the Sydney Para-Olympics Closing Ceremony, Neighbours, One Night the Moon (Paul Kelly), Human Touch (Katie Noonan), Nijinski (Derek Jacobi, Paul Cox), The Fine Art of Love (Jaqueline Bisset) and Unfolding Florence ​(Gillian Armstrong). Yuri was synth supervisor for Jerry Goldsmith on "Warlock"

As record producer Yuri won multiple platinum albums (production and engineering) on Anthony Warlow’s first two breakout orchestral albums “Centre Stage” and “On the Boards”. He has produced music for Peter Andre (“Give a Little Sign”), Peter Cousens ​(“Love Changes Everything”), Jamie O'Neil, Russell Crowe, Jason Donovan and Diana Krall. He headed a record label "Divine Comedy" for Sony Music releasing a number of records.

Yuri was musical director /composer for: the Centenary of Federation Concert (Deborah Byrne, Deborah Cheetham and Todd McKenny), Circus Oz, Outer Sink (Nigel Triffit and Lost Trios Ringbarkus), Bond-arama, Tiny Tim’s Australian tour, every network ​televised Comedy Gala (Bea Arthur, Terry Jones, Jason Byrne and Lenny Henry etc.) and Micallef Tonight (Jose Feliciano, Percy Sledge and Delta Goodrem) and Bo Diddley.

As a musician Yuri was a member of the Christie Allen Band, one half of legendary 90's rap duo Special K and Main Man Yuri and founding member of super group Way Back Five, which featured Michael Hutchence of INXS, Kate Ceberano and James Reyne.

in development

Full Frontal 7

Fast Forward 7

Right in the Middle of your Forehead

Oz Dot Comedy

The Adventures of Lano & Woodley

Comic Relief

The Eric Bana Show


Get a Life Foxtel

Shaun Micallef's World Around Him 7

Shark Bay

Big Girl's Blouse


Lift Off


Comedy Company

Smile a Ton

Dr. Feelgood

Great Aussie Sex Appeal Test

38 and a Bit Years of Television

The Making of Nothing 7

Four Quarters 7

Standing on the Road 7

The Norman Gunston Show 7

Funniest People 7

Bingles 10

Lift Off Series 1 & 2

Big Time

Acropolis Now

Hey, Hey It's Saturday

Best of the Edinburgh Fringe

Tonite Live

The Midday Show

Score Supervision

Kalaupappa Heaven Baziz


Unfolding Florence

Empire Falls

The Grooming

The Extra

The Remarkable Mr Kaye

Human Touch

It Runs in the family

Last Orders


Jungle Book 2

One Night The Moon

Psycho Beach Party

Father Damien

Bowl Me Over

Noah's Ark

Siam Sunset

Lust And Revenge


Lucky Break aka Paperback Romance


Seven Deadly Sins

The Last Days of Chez Nous


A Woman's Tale

Mull aka Mullaway



Dear Cardholder


The Art of War SBS


ROVE 1Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony

Sydney Olympics Closing Ceremony

Paralympics Closing Ceremony ABC

One Night The Moon ABC

Road to Ithaca SBS

Faces of War ABC

Janus ABC


The Eleventh Hour

Live It Up

Phoenix & Operation PHOENIX

The Royal Commission into the Economy


Halifax: Hard Corps



AGSC Award Best Soundtrack

"One Night the Moon"

Special Logie for Comedy for

"The Micallef Program"

AFI Award Best Music for

"One Night the Moon"

AFI Award for Best Soundtrack for

"The Lead Dress"

ARIA Platinum Album for Production of

"Center Stage" by Anthony Warlow

ARIA Gold Album for "On The Boards"

by Anthony Warlow

Ampex Gold Reel Awards for Production

and Engineering

APRA Music Award for Composition

AMEB Young Composer's Award

Logie Award for The Micallef Program

Logie Award for Full Frontal (4)

Logie Awards for Fast Forward (3)

Logie Awards for


Composition & Score

Eve of Destruction

Mad as Hell


Back Roads


John Conway Tonight

I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

The Weekly

Dogstar Xmas Movie (feature)

Brain Eisteddfod

The Yearly

Hard Quiz

Saturday Night Crack Up

The Art of Australia

Comedy Festival Galas (1990 -2016 inc)

Great Debate

Celebrity Splash

Slide Show

Hamish and Andy

Footy Show AFL

Footy Show NRL

Beat the Star

Shaun's NYE Rave

Micallef Tonight

Big Bite

The White Room

Brownlow Medal

Rove Live

Comedy Slapdown Fox

Surprise Gotchya

Magda's Funny Bits

The Master

50 Years 50 Stars

What a Year

Comic Relief

Let Loose Live

World's Craziest Videos

Comedy Festival Great Debate

Backyard Blitz




National Kareoke Championship

Wilde about Golf

Welcher and Welcher

Fast Forward: One More Round

Shock Jock

Fast Forward: Ten Year Bash

Sit Down Shut Up

Unreal TV

The Russel Gilbert Show

Russell Gilbert Live

The Bit Part

1 v 100

Before The Game

Good News World

Talkin' Bout Your Generation

Dirk Breaka Nickelodeon

SkitHouse 10

Totally Full Frontal

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y u r i@yuri.au

+613 9696 5754